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Leaking Roof

What do I do if my roof is leaking?

Whenever you notice a leak in your house, you should get it repaired as soon as possible because even small leaks can cause significant damage. If there are any internal signs of a leak, schedule an inspector to come out and survey the roof and damage. If you notice a leak during the middle of a storm, a contractor won’t be able to start any repairs until after the storm is over. Sky Shield Roofing offers a tarping service where we can come out and put a tarp on your roof over the leak. If you do not feel safe going on your roof, and want to protect your house from more water damage, give us a call! The tarp will need to be nailed down in order to protect your house from the rain, so these shingles will be replaced during your repair. Your insurance policy will require you to mitigate the leak as soon as possible.

You will also want to grab a bucket or trash can to place under any leaks you find inside your house. If the water has already created a bulge in your ceiling, grab a tarp and a bucket to drain the bulge. This will relieve the pressure that was building up in your ceiling. It is crucial to act fast whenever you notice a leak inside your home to prevent it from spreading.

Staining on your ceiling is usually the first sign of a water leak. If you check your attic routinely, you may be able to catch the leak before it stains the ceiling. If you have exposed roof rafters in the attic, grab a flashlight and check for any discoloration or mold. You have found a leak if you see any wood that is darker in color or that is wet to the touch. Make sure you check your attic often to catch any problems before they cause more damage. The amount of damage in your house will depend on how long the leak has been there and how big the leak is.

How do you find a leak if you don’t have an attic? Unless you see stains on your ceiling, you will have to inspect your roof’s exterior to find the source of a leak. Most of the time, this leads to hiring a professional to inspect your roof. Leaks come from anywhere the roof is exposed. Exposure can come from any cracked or missing shingles, any damage to the flashing around the chimney, or any damage to the sealing around pipes in your roof. Water can also come into your house from peeling, rotting, or broken shingles.

My roof is leaking. Can it be repaired?

Many common issues with roof leaks can be easily repaired. However, this will depend on how long the leak has been causing damage. The age of your roof will also impact if a replacement is more beneficial. If your roof is older than 15 years, you may want to look into getting a replacement as it is likely to have other problems soon. You will also want to check your gutters routinely. If gutters get clogged or cracked, water can cause roof and foundation damage. Make sure to clear any clogs to allow water to run through your gutters and out your downspouts away from your house.

After checking the damage, a professional contractor can give you more advice and information on your roof. There are also some DIY videos online and roofing supplies available that can help you fix roof leaks. If you try to fix an internal roof leak with store-bought sealers, be aware that these are created for temporary relief and not long-term use. If you decide to fix a leak yourself, make sure you aren’t covering up any internal damage that can be under your roof. This can cause more significant problems as internal water damage can lead to structural issues in your house. Make sure you get a professional opinion first so that you are aware of all the damage that needs to be repaired.